editorial services

Parkbench’s reliable, carefully vetted freelancers are available to work through every stage of the editorial process. Click on the arrows to learn more about each service, or get in touch if you require something a bit different.

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reader reports
The first step towards publication, our critical readings of manuscripts assess quality and content, giving a thorough summary covering major themes and character sketches where applicable. Our reader reports are designed to help publishers and agents, highlighting a manuscript’s potential market and points of comparison with recently published works.
Snappy, effective and memorable writing for book jackets and covers, catalogues, marketing material and websites.
Comprehensive readings of fiction and non-fiction for all markets. Work includes background research, careful consideration of plot, chronology, fact-checking and consistency of style and tone. Work will be returned with an organised list of queries for the author, notes for the typesetter and proofreader. We will always provide a complete list of references to any extra sources used.
A final, thorough read-through of your copy-edited text. Spelling, grammar and any remaining niggling errors are corrected.
Anglicisation and Americanisation
Our mother-tongue English-speakers are highly aware of the many differences between UK and US standard English. Complementing our regional English services (below), we can move your entire text from UK to US English or vice-versa, covering grammar, syntax, punctuation and your house style.
editorial services for regional English
Accurate copyediting and proof-reading of regional English is always problematical. If your author could benefit from an Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Canadian or other reader to cast a critical eye over phraseology, dialogue, setting and the like, we can provide an experienced publishing professional who can copy-edit or proofread for the small details that can make or break a book in its home market.
services for authors
Parkbench is pleased to offer manuscript assessment, advice and editorial services for authors at a reduced hourly rate. Please note that we are not a literary agency, nor do we publish books! We strongly recommend as a first step that all pre-publication authors get a hold of this year’s Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook, an invaluable resource for learning about the publishing process and how to find an agent.