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Literary translation is an art, and staying true to an author’s style while creating an enjoyable English-language book is extremely challenging. Parkbench translators are professionals who understand the publishing process and their role in it. We source the right reader or translator for the job, whatever the language, at no extra cost to you.

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English-language editors:

get a reader report
If you’ve received a foreign-language text on submission, Parkbench can provide a foreign-language reader who will write a report in English, giving a synopsis, evaluation and points of comparison in the English-language market. We can also research the book’s reception in its home market.
commission a full translation
If you have just commissioned a foreign-language title and have begun looking for a translator, Parkbench can help. We source only translators with literary experience, and our ‘stable’ of translators includes established, prize-winning and young translators alike. We can help to find a professional freelance literary translator with relevant experience, one who is well suited to the genre in question. For most projects, we work to the UK Translators Association minimum recommended rate.

Literary agents and foreign rights departments:

commission a sample translation
One of the greatest threats to literature in translation is the presentation of original works to English-speaking publishers. If you’re selling rights to the English-language market, present your title in English with a professional sample translation. Your submission can be read and responded to faster, and shared between colleagues, helping to build in-house support for your book. A sample translation is a small investment in the success of your book abroad, and our rates are reasonable.
present your great reviews
We can translate the best reviews of your title into a short, effective press release.
translate your catalogue, rights list or website
Parkbench can work with your foreign rights department to produce your rights list or catalogue in English for book fairs and meeting, and we can translate your website for English-speaking visitors.